Your Emotional Toolkit

Somewhere in your home, chances are you have a toolkit. It contains a hammer, some nails, a screwdriver or two…items you need when hanging pictures or doing home repair. Some people have quite an extensive kit, enabling them to take on advanced repair and building projects. Some, like me, have the bare minimum at hand.

We each have an emotional toolkit as well – ways we handle stress, life changes, relationship concerns, work deadlines, health issues.

What kinds of tools might we have in our kits?
Positive thoughts
Friends and family support
Healthy diet
Adequate sleep

…and so on. Each of us has a different toolkit, and the tools we have determine how we handle life challenges.

One great thing about emotional toolkits is that we can always add to them. It is never too late to expand your support system, learn new coping mechanisms, see a counselor, or take up meditation. Your toolkit’s capacity is endless.

Another wonderful thing about your toolkit is that it is your own. You know your own life better than anyone, and once you identify your needs, you can design the toolkit that serves you best. You can remove items that you do not need, or that are slowing you down.

What’s in your emotional toolkit? What tools do you use when you feel stressed, sad, lonely? What new tools do you want to add?


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